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Gutters and More Construction LLC provides excellence in all of our areas of expertise. In gutters, we are able to install and repair any type of gutter your heart desires. We have many years of experience with each system and are able to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each so that you can make an informed decision. Each offer a variety of colors and styles, ensuring you’ll find something that you’ll like for your property.


2023’s Best Gutter Types for Severe Rains


Jay Samit once said that design is how you can make your first impression with your consumers. So make sure that it is a lasting one because you never get another chance to make a good impression. This perfectly describes your team of contractors, whose goal and mission are to provide you with exemplary design when it comes to rain gutter installation in Lafayette, LA.

Making your gutters improve the curb appeal of your home is not the only concern of your home contractors. They also make sure that your gutters can withstand the wrath of nature, especially during the heavy rainy seasons.

Here is a list of the year’s best types of gutters, perfectly made for the severity of rain:

Aluminum Gutters
Aluminum gutters are the type that most contractors and homeowners favor the most. This kind has the most advantages when it comes to quality. Aluminum gutters can provide the highest durability and also make the installation process easier. They are also perfect for any DIY customization befitting the severity of weather conditions.

These gutters are also available in a variety of colors, so you can always find them convenient to match with your home’s siding. They are rust-resistant and have a lifespan that can last for decades.

Copper Gutters
If you are looking for a sturdier material to withstand the forces of nature, then copper gutters can be a good option. They can hold up against extreme weather conditions and won’t rust or warp. These kinds of gutters are generally used to support extra-large gutters in huge structures and buildings. However, the installation process is not easy and requires the expertise of professionals.

Moreover, copper gutters do not need painting. They have a natural beauty, which makes them a bit more expensive than other kinds of gutters. Their greenish patina evolves and becomes more appealing.

Vinyl Gutters
Among the different types of gutters, vinyl gutters are the most commonly used because they are inexpensive. They are also easier to install, which makes them appealing to homeowners who love to do DIY. It is ideal for the rainy season because it is highly water-resistant and durable. And like aluminum gutters, they also come in different colors, such as white, brown, and forest green.

Vinyl gutters have a lifespan of about a decade or two, depending on your level of maintenance and care. However, they are heavier than aluminum gutters.

Galvanized Steel Gutters
Known for their 30-year lifespan, durability, and high rainfall capacity, galvanized steel gutters are also among the top choices of homeowners. This kind of gutter is highly resistant to different weather conditions, heavy rainfall, and rust. Additionally, they can hold up better than aluminum gutters when it comes to dents.

Gutters can also come in different sizes, so if you are opting to avail yourself of rain gutter installation in Lafayette, LA, you have to be knowledgeable of the different types, not only about their material qualities. Gutters can be half-round, k-style, custom fascia, or box-style.


So if you are wondering which ones to have, these are the best types of gutters in Lafayette, LA, that are perfect for severe rains. Look for Gutters and More Construction LLC, whose team specializes not only in improving your home’s curb appeal but also in the durability and longevity of your gutters. Reach us at 337-400-2641.

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