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Siding Maintenance 101: Tips to Preserve and Protect Your Home's Exterior

The façade of your house is the first thing that greets anyone. It could exude an embracing feeling to a family member that comes home to it or a hospitable air to an invited guest. It also serves as a protective barrier against the weather. Anyone dealing with siding repair in Lafayette, LA, will tell you this at the outset.

As the seasons change and the weather takes its toll, it’s important to preserve and protect the outside of your home to ensure its lifespan and curb appeal. With a little preventive maintenance, your home’s siding may last 50 years or more. Here are six key pointers to help you get there.

Regular Cleaning
Over time, dirt, grime, pollen, and mold can accumulate on a siding. They can detract from its look and possibly cause damage as well. Regular cleaning sessions using a soft-bristled brush, a pail of soapy water, and a garden hose can make a substantial difference. Avoid high-pressure washing, as it can be destructive.

Inspect and Repair
Regularly check your siding to look for damages. Search for cracks, chips, or locations where the siding may be separating. Weather, vermin, or ordinary wear and tear can all cause damage to the exterior. Addressing these concerns right away can avoid further degradation and save you money on future repairs.

Paint and Seal
A fresh coat of paint not only improves the beauty of your home but also serves as a protective barrier. This protects surfaces from moisture and sunlight, which can lead to fading, cracking, and degradation. Exteriors made of wood should be repainted every 3-7 years. Other materials may require less frequent touch-ups.

Preventive Measures
Precautions should be taken to safeguard your siding against potential hazards. Trim overhanging branches or shrubs near the siding to avoid scratching or harming the surface in windy conditions. Also, consider installing splash guards and downspout extensions to keep your siding from getting soaked. For things like windows and sidings in Lafayette, LA, get help from the professionals.

Different climates present varying challenges to your exterior. Freezing and defrosting cycles in winter can cause sidings to expand and shrink, resulting in cracks. Sunlight can fade and damage surfaces. You can weatherproof your home by installing insulation, painting with weather-resistant paint, and using sealants.

Pest Prevention
Termites, ants, and rats can wreak havoc on the exterior and interior of your property. Check your siding for small holes or chewed wood regularly. Seal any exterior cracks or gaps, and use pest-resistant materials during repairs or restorations. Contact a professional in pest control if you suspect an infestation. 

Bye, Old. Hello, Gold.

Your home’s exterior serves as both a decorative statement and a protective covering. Regular cleaning, inspections, and maintenance are required to keep it in top shape. Whether your siding is made of wood, vinyl, brick, or another material, taking the time to care for it will also increase its longevity.

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